More than 6% of securities lawsuits this year involve ICOs

This overlooked story, referencing the research by Cornerstone Research, can be found here.  Six percent is not, in my judgment, an insignificant figure, and I would not be surprised if it grows substantially over the next year.

The first Reg D (506c) Token Hits Crypto Markets

Here’s an interesting development that slipped under the radar of crypto news outlets:  yesterday, a company called Trade Templum launched on their platform the first proper tokenized Reg D 506c offering for a company called Aspen Digital, Inc., with the … Continue Reading

Digital Tax Conference Coming to Georgetown’s IIEL!

I am delighted to announce an upcoming conference sponsored between Vienna University’s Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law and Georgetown’s IIEL on the Digital Economy: Reimagining Taxation in the Age of Digital Disruption.  December 3, 2018.  More info to come.

Deutsche Bank moves Euro-clearing from UK to Germany

Deutsche Bank has moved a “large part” of its euro clearing activity to Frankfurt from London in a boost to the efforts of the eurozone’s top financial centre to lure business away from the City before Brexit.  Germany’s biggest bank … Continue Reading

SEC rejects Winkelvoss ETF (for now)

The Securities and Exchange Commission rejected the Winkelvoss ETF, with Commissioner Hester Pierce dissenting.  For those interested in the 95-page decision, which offers an excellent overview of the bitcoin market, I’ve posted it  here.  Keep in mind, however, that this … Continue Reading

US assistance for farmers in trade war dwarfs that of workers under TAA

News media report that the US Dept. of Agriculture just announced up to $12 billion in emergency relief for farmers caught in the escalating trade war. The figure is several magnitudes larger than that allocated for workers suffering from globalization … Continue Reading

Trans-Pacific Partnership Members Agree to Consider Expansion

Representatives from 11 signatories to the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreed to start accession talks with potential newcomers in 2019, when the free trade pact takes effect.  Thailand, Indonesia, Columbia, South Korea and Taiwan are reportedly seen as willing to join the … Continue Reading

Mandatory Disclosure Before the S-1

In the midst of some ongoing research on mandatory securities law disclosures, I’ve come across the interesting fact that the first form for general disclosures was not the S-1 so familiar with contemporary securities lawyers, but instead Form A-1.  Moreover, … Continue Reading

Final Speaker’s agenda for G2 Conference is up!

We have our final agenda and speaker’s list for the G2 Conference.  All signs are positive for a great group at Georgetown–and a lively and timely discussion.  The event will be capped off with a discussion of China’s Silk Road … Continue Reading

For those interested in EU approaches to cryptocurrencies…

The European Parliament has released details and commissioned reports on virtual currencies and EU monetary policy.  Details are here.