A new symposium plans to address the question of the relationship between integration, functional differentiation and problem-solving in multilevel governance. It does so by highlighting the added value of adopting a comparative perspective between the European Union (EU) and other entities, and, respectively of applying a multilevel governance framework to other contexts than the EU.
Potentially successful contributions include:
  • Comparative empirical analyses of integration, functional differentiation and problem-solving in multilevel contexts that compare the EU to other cases, or compare different policy sectors within the EU
  • Empirical analyses that make a theoretical contribution to integration, functional differentiation, and problem-solving in multilevel governance using other cases than the EU, or different theoretical perspectives that can inform the EU literature
  • Literature reviews that go beyond discussing the state of the art regarding integration and problem-solving in multilevel governance by providing a novel and stretching argument or insight and hence make a valuable and original contribution to multilevel governance theory
Deadline for abstracts is 22 September 2017. Further details are available here, or in the attached file.
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