The editors of the Journal of Financial Regulation invite submissions for the Journal’s 2018 annual conference.  Conference website:
Thee editors of the Journal of Financial Regulation have selected “New Frontiers: Technology, Finance, and Regulation” as the theme of its 2018 annual conference. This conference will seek to explore a broad range of regulatory issues in relation to, inter alia, the following technological developments:
·         The use of distributed ledger technology and smart contracts in the provision of financial services
·         The emergence of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, the associated market infrastructure, and initial coin offerings (ICOs)
·         The rise of ‘fintech’ and the increasing use of data mining techniques in the financial services industry
·         The use of robo-advisors in the provision of retail financial services
·         The emergence and growth of non-bank payment systems
·         The potential development of digital currencies by central banks
Papers should be submitted via email to Geneviève Helleringer at The subject line of the email should state “JFR Conference Submission”. To facilitate blind review, names and other identifying information should be redacted from the submitted paper (but clearly identified in the message).
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