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Digital Asset Forks, and Custodians

When people think about the challenges of custodianship of digital assets, cybersecurity is always top of mind.  But it isn’t the only big challenge.  The other is ‘forking,’ which is understood, as an event whereby a new piece of software … Continue Reading

ECB Cuts Rates…Prompting Criticism of the Fed

From the WSJ: The European Central Bank cut its key interest rate and launched a sweeping package of bond purchases Thursday that commits the bank to ultraloose monetary policy for a long period, jolting European financial markets and triggering an … Continue Reading

Legal Internship on Fintech Law with New America

New America is offering a Short-Term Legal Research Fellowships with Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA). Blockchain technology is emerging at a time when broken systems, a lack of trust, and bureaucratic dysfunction are preventing civil society leaders from achieving their objectives. … Continue Reading

Law and Macro Conference coming to Georgetown

Georgetown Law and the Georgetown Institute for International Economic Law will host a conference on Law and Macroeconomics  on September 27-28, 2019. Papers and roundtable discussions at the conference will engage diverse perspectives on the relationship between law and macroeconomics, and consider … Continue Reading

Libra’s White Paper and Facebook’s Quarterly SEC Filing Make For Very Different Reading

There’s more than a little talk about the onerous nature of securities filings, especially for young companies, including firms involved in financial technology, that are just getting started with business.  The argument goes that making disclosure is expensive—and not infrequently, … Continue Reading

Fun Participating in a Wonky, Washington Morning Tradition…

I had the pleasure this morning of doing a real Washington tradition: C-span’s morning call in show where I discussed Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency and the state of crypto regulation in Congress.  It was such a pleasure hearing from around the … Continue Reading

Real Time Payments and Uplifting the Poor

I ran across an interesting op-ed on upgrading the payments infrastructure, beginning with the following: America’s outdated payment system exacerbates income inequality at a scale far larger than commonly understood. Our country can be divided roughly in half between those … Continue Reading

Fintech Beat Tackles Libra Cryptocurrency

During my Congressional testimony on Facebook’s Libra, plenty of policymakers expressed their concerns about potential AML vulnerabilities. So for this week’s Fintech Beat, I explore blockchain forensics, as well as the technological and regulatory challenges facing firms and cutting edge … Continue Reading

Facebook Crypto Hearings now up on Youtube

The entirety of the House Financial Services hearings facing Libra are now up online!  I’ve got to admit, I’ve got a vested interest in it since I was one of the witnesses, but the sessions really were interesting.  Here’s the … Continue Reading

DC Fintech Week Brings Together Regulators, Innovators and Disruptors

Washington, DC, June 26, 2019 — Fintech Week is a unique, global policy forum where thought-leaders can discover, seriously discuss and debate rapidly evolving changes to the financial ecosystem that drive policy and regulation — and what they mean to markets and investors. This year, Fintech Week … Continue Reading