What do CBDCs mean for Derivatives Law? (slides)

I have the pleasure of presenting “What do CBDCs mean for derivatives law?” for the CFTC later today as part of the agency’s live Technical Advisory Committee proceedings.  I’m now up at NOON and will discuss: Basics of CBDCs Stablecoins and … Continue Reading

Fintech Must Innovate Where it Matters Most

I decided in light of all the recent events to share a couple of thoughts about the startling lack of diversity in fintech (and financial regulation more generally).  A couple of the dismal highlights:  Only eight African Americans have ever … Continue Reading

New Book on Evolution of the BIS Launches Today

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the Bank for International Settlements, and in celebration of it, the BIS is formally launching its new book, Promoting Global Monetary and Financial Stability, The Bank for International Settlements after Bretton Woods, 1973-2020..  The … Continue Reading

Coronavirus an Existential Gut Check for US Tech Infrastructure

The observation that U.S. government technology is outdated isn’t new, but in the context of the crisis the problem has been recognized with a new urgency. The absence of adequate digital infrastructures has made it at times impossible for the government to get … Continue Reading

Georgetown Law, Business Schools team up for Virtual Town Hall with CQ Roll Call

This week had a bit of cross-campus collaboration with Georgetown’s IIEL (from the law school) and Georgetown’s Center for Financial Markets and Policy (from the business school) teaming up with CQ Roll Call to host a brainstorming session on how … Read More

Defining Decentralization, Again

Definitions are always tough to sift through, and crypto is really just one instance of a much larger set of challenges faced across the fintech ecosystem to defining the parameters of policymaking.  Indeed, there are few better examples of the … Continue Reading

CFTC (Paid) Internship Opportunity Open

The CFTC is hiring second and third year law students for its paid 2020 Summer Intern Program! This position is being filled under the Pathways Intership Program that is designed to attract students with paid opportunities to work in agencies … Continue Reading

G2 conference to showcase Paul Hogan, Rodrigo Yañez

On March 17, 2020, Phil Hogan, the EU Commissioner for Trade, and Rodrigo Yañez, Undersecretary of International Economic Relations, Chile will be headlining the AIG Global Trade Series 2020 taking place at Georgetown Law’s Institute of International Economic Law on March 17. … Continue Reading

Top Fintech “Influencer”

So a popular ranking came out, collating data from over 5 million finch related posts, identifying the Top 100 “influencers” in fintech. While I would love even more to be able to “influence” my students as to their homework completion, … Continue Reading

Brexit and the Future of Fintech: 3 Theories

Bon voyage, EU, Hello world.  Or something like that. Last Friday, Britain said good-bye to the EU, embarking on a new life as a fully independent country no longer tethered to the mast of regional integration.  But there are plenty … Continue Reading